We May Be Orange... But We're Also Quite Green!

10 Ways Companies Can Help the World Long Term

Ben Hatfield – 01/07/2019 – 11:21

The team here at FootFox Productions love seeing the amazing things this planet has to offer. We love nature, animals (especially foxes), and everything this world has to offer. We also love the idea that, like our videos, the world can be enjoyed over and over for as long as possible. This is why we do a lot of things to ensure we are running quite green!

Did You Know?

Did you know sending and storing emails adds to your footprint? 74 trillion emails are sent per year and generate between 0.3g – 50g of  CO2 EACH! that means at the lowest estimate the amount of greenhouse gases produced per year is equivalent to almost 5 million cars and at most that number is closer to 890 million cars!

Lets work together to make the world a fantastic place again for us and for nature.

So What Are We Doing?

In an effort to aid the longevity of the planet and the company, we try to be as sustainable as possible. This goes beyond the basics of ‘a bin for waste and a separate bin for recycling‘. Here are a few measures FootFox Productions has in place to do our bit for the environment. We hope to see other companies look at setting some of these in place too!

01. Emails

Firstly, we only keep the most important emails. Furthermore, we unsubscribe to as many newsletters as we possibly can and delete our unwanted, our filtered, and our spam emails as regularly as we can! You can do this too manually or through apps like Cleanfox (not affiliated, we just love and use their product!). Emails are not entirely a bad thing, however. They can be a great tool in cutting down your carbon footprint. An online .PDF will be less detrimental than printing out an entire document and this leads us to our second effort!

02. Online > Printing

Secondly, we deliver our invoices securely online. In doing so we actually cut down on the usage of paper for the printing of the invoice, as well as the envelopes and stamps needed for delivery! We also try to deliver as many proposals, storyboards, and planning packages online too. This helps reduce waste and paper usage

03. Responsibly Sourced Materials

Sometimes we must use paper, however. Be it for scripts (which we often send to our cast and crew digitally to reduce paper usage), shot lists, contracts, or some other word based document, we still take into consideration the impact of our limited paper usage. This is why all of the standard 80gsm paper we use for printing documents is responsibly sourced 100% recycled paper

Stored Files (Online)
Available Free Storage Space

04. Keeping The Clutter Low Online

Some of our previous clients may have noticed already that when we deliver files online (such as drafts, revisions, and amendments) we set an expiration date. This time frame varies from a week to a month or more, however we know that once you’ve received your final video you no longer have need for a draft of it! If the draft remained stored forever online it would be doing the same as those junk emails being stored (only worse because video files tend to be much larger than an email). We often use WeTransfer for this, as it not only automatically removes the files for us but when people use the unpaid version it helps small and independent artists too!

hard drive

05. Keeping The Clutter Low On Your Computer

We also try to keep our computer’s SSD drives and M.2 as clear as possible, moving old projects off to externals as soon as we can. This helps with organisation and helps to get our video and photo editing software to run smoother. Also, and more importantly, it means the computer can find things faster, is efficient, and therefore on for a shorter time.

06. No Single Use Plastics!

When we go out to sets and locations and film we only use reusable containers for our drinks! When we are at the computer editing or planning we use mugs also. We try to avoid plastic packaging and cutlery where we can too. It’s often the small consistent contributions that help most. And on the subject of reusing: 

07. Reusable Batteries and Longevity

Quite a while ago we made the switch from disposable batteries and instead invested in reusable, rechargeable batteries. our AA and AAA batteries, used in our microphones and sound recorders, are all Rechargeable. In fact some of our equipment, such as lights, can be run from either disposable batteries or from rechargeable batteries, such as the Duracell AA and Sony NPF batteries in this picture:

Small LED lights

Additionally, as you can see from this picture we often favour the use of LEDs over traditional lights. This is because LED bulbs use approximately 85% less electricity than halogen bulbs and last much longer, reducing wastage even further!

08. Mindful of Mileage

We try to liaise online and over the phone when it is possible and professional to do so. This reduces our mileage as a company also! Most plans can be done through calls and messages and sometimes even video calls, however sometimes the more detailed meetings require a face to face meeting and that’s just something that cannot be avoided. 

09. Solar is So Large

Due to the slow nature of our solar power banks and harvesters it is impossible for us to be 100% solar powered at this current time, however we do charge our camera batteries, light batteries, and power banks/packs via solar energy as much as possible, therefore reducing the demand for mains power a bit. In the future if we own a studio/office building entirely by ourselves we will work towards making that solar through roof panels. That way we would have even more clean energy at our disposal! But for now we are restricted to what we can currently generate with what we have.

10. Future Plans?

Our future ambitions include using reclaimed wood to furnish our offices, insulating our offices in the future to reduce heating usage, further offsetting our carbon footprint through planting trees, only using reusable containers, such as flasks, and avoiding disposable cups when working, and investing in recycled USBs.

Lastly, our future plans are held back by what we can currently do in our work space. Once we own an entire building of our own we will be able to, as mentioned, generate more solar energy. We can begin looking into insulating the office space and studio space to decrease heating usage. In the more immediate future we plan on investing in recycled USBs or those made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo. Have any more ideas? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!

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(Director) Ben: 07507 993 766

(Director) Callum: 07907 347 254

© FootFox Productions LTD 2020

Contact Info

(Director) Ben: 07507 993 766

(Director) Callum: 07907 347 254

© FootFox Productions LTD 2020

Contact Info

(Director) Ben: 07507 993 766

(Director) Callum: 07907 347 254

© FootFox Productions LTD 2020