Stand out from the noise of your industry. Show your customers exactly what puts you ahead of your competition. Tell your audience why your company means best quality.

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FootFox Productions is a multi award winning video production company based in the Midlands, UK. The FootFox Team have worked with schools, charities, medal companies, national projects, and law firms to bring a tailored narrative to each of their videos. FootFox helps companies build trust with their audiences through visual media.

why video?

Video offers an amazing ROI when compared to text and image based content. We tailor videos to your audience and provide them with a narrative they can trust in. 

You’ve heard it a million times before: you and your employees are the face of your company and people invest in people. Now it’s time to put that into practice.

Spotlight videos allow you to shine and tell your audience so much about your brand. Why did you start? Do you improve people’s quality of life? Do you support local community? Consider it a mini documentary that highlights the best qualities of you and your business. Tell it all in a medium with huge information retention rates.

Multi-Award-Winning Media Production Services

Spotlights - A Mini Documentary

Think of them as a short form documentary of your business designed to give a 'sneak peak' of the behind the scenes operation.
Bespoke Vids

FootFox Productions spent the evening at a graveyard to record this – thank you… for helping us to raise an amazing £47,000!

FootFox is a narrative-driven media provider, meaning we often utilise both audio and video to tell the story. Check out this spotlight of Zero Waste Medals!

Sometimes our clients hire local key figures to add to their video. Here we worked with an infamous historian to realise the goal Friel Homes had for this listed building restoration project

Sometimes our clients don't want to talk on camera - and that's okay! We have the expertise to tell your story through visuals only too! Check out this tattoo artist's creative process spotlight!

What a brilliant question. Of course, we would love to work with you! But if you’re unsure about working with us still then we can help guide you to other videography teams too! 

We run a collaborative process here at FootFox and sometimes that means guiding you to others who specialise in specific requests (such as live streaming!) 

At the end of the day your business will flourish with video integration so even if you don’t go with us we still recommend finding a way to introduce it to your marketing and training practices.

With all that being said, we’ve got a 100% positive feedback record, nothing but 5 star reviews, and a few clients have even recorded short testimonials for us!

It’s not just awards and 5 star reviews that we’re proud of. It’s also the lasting relationships we build with our clients to ensure their videos are perfect for purpose.

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